Kitten Program

One Price Wellness Package

This program entitles the bearer to a complete kitten healthcare package. This package consists of behavior and nutrition consultation, a kitten guide, all necessary vaccinations and preventative care including fecals, two dewormings, FeLV blood testing, and all office visits for six months. FIV blood testing and treatments not included.

Adult Cat Program

One Price Wellness Package

This program entitles the bearer to a complete adult feline healthcare package. This package consists of complete full yearly vaccinations, two fecal tests, a basic wellness blood test, and all office visits for one full year. (Treatmentsand FeLV/FIV blood testing not included)

Geriatric Cat Program

One Price Wellness Package

This program entitles the bearer to a complete senior feline healthcare package. This package consists of behavior and nutrition assessments, a Senior profile which includes a CBC, thyroid test, chemistries, urinalysis, and heartworm occult, FeLV/FIV blood testing, EKG heart evaluation, blood pressure check, all annual vaccinations, two fecal tests, chest x-rays, ultrasound, and all physical exams for one year. (Treatments not included)


Feline Wellness Exam and Consultation (Recommended every 6 months)
Kitten Exam and Consultation
Physical Exam and Consultation- For Sick Patients
*Kitten exams and Physical exams (for sick patients) are not the same price as annual wellness exams!


(Wellness exams required once yearly for all feline procedures and baths/boarding)
Yearly Cat Package Recommended
*Feline Wellness Exam (Recommended every 6 months)
*Annual Wellness Profile Blood Test (Junior<7 years or Senior>7 years Profile)
*Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calcivirus-Panleukopenia (FVRCP)
*Leukemia Vaccine
*Fecal (Recommended every 6 months)
(Rabies and FVRCP are given every 3 years after the initial 1 year kitten boosters!)

Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calcivirus-Panleukopenia (FVRCP)
Leukemia (FeLV)

Surgeries (Wellness Exam required for estimates)
*Cat Spay and Neuter prices vary by the pet*
Cat Spay
Cat Spay in heat/pregnant
Cat Neuter
Spay (under 7 months)
Spay (over 7 months)
Neuter (under 7 months)
Neuter (over 7 months)

*All elective surgeries include one night’s hospitalization, antibiotic injection, at least twice daily evaluation, and anesthesia. Pain injection is highly recommended.

Dental Cleaning (Wellness Exam required for estimates)

Dental Cleaning and Polishing, Full Mouth Radiographs
If needed, Extractions and Bonded Sealants are additional

*Surgery and dental price does not include pre-anesthetic labwork, additional treatment for high-risk patients, or extra surgery supplies. Before scheduling surgery, bring in for a wellness exam to get an estimate. Labwork must be done at least two days prior to surgery.

Kitten Preventative Care and Vaccination Sequence:
6-8 weeks
Kitten Exam
Leukemia (FeLV) Test
Feline Aids/FIV Test (not included in Program)
FVRCP #1 Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia
Fecal (checks for intestinal parasites)
Deworming #1

8-10 weeks
Leukemia Vaccine #1
Deworming #2

10-12 weeks
FVRCP #2 Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia
Leukemia #2
Fecal (checks for intestinal parasites)

12-14 weeks
FVRCP #3 Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia

14-16 weeks
Kitten Exam
Rabies 1 Year (Required to be done during an exam with a Doctor)
Fecal (checks for intestinal parasites)
FVRCP #4 Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia

6 months (26 weeks)
Oral Tooth Exam and Pre Spay/Neuter Wellness Exam

Fecals: These are recommended every other visit during the shot sequence as puppies and kittens are more susceptible to intestinal parasites until they are on monthly preventatives.

Complete Parasite Prevention, i.e. for intestinal worms, heartworms, fleas, ticks

***Revolution: Apply once monthly for life (this is the best topical preventative for cats)

Purina Veterinary Diet Dental Health- Approved by Veterinary Oral Health Council – reduces oral disease

Optional Vitamins: Felovite or Petform

Boarding for Cats

High Rise Condo (with play area)
-All Prices Per Night-
High Rise Condo (with play area)
High Rise Condo – 2 Pets
Honeymoon Suite (with play area)
Honeymoon Suite – 2 Pets
Presidential Suite (with play area)
Presidential Suite – 2 Pets
*All Cats must receive a bath the day before they go home. ***Some cats may need sedation for their safety during the bath***

* $25.00 deposit required prior to holiday reservations. 50% deposit required at drop-off.
*Low Season Jan 8 – March 13, March 30 – May 14, and Sept. 5 – Nov 15 excluding National Holidays & Fall and Spring Break*